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Welcome ::

An organization for committing all round Poultry Development in West-Bengal

Constituted under west-Bengal Govt. Notification No- 100/AR&AH/4A-67/08 dated 16/01/2009

Registered under The society Registration act XXVI of 1961 Registered on 09/02/2009

Who can Join the West-Bengal Poultry Federation ::

Qualification for Membership:-

Layer Poultry Farmer, Broiler Poultry Farmer, Breeder Farmer, Hatchery Owner, Feed Supplier, Veterinary surgeon. Feed Producer, Feed Seller, Feed Dealer, Chick Dealer, Feed Commission Agent, Ingredients Broker, Egg Wholesaler & Retailer, Chicken Wholesaler and Retailer Medicine & Feed supplement Producer, Seller, Traders and Suppliers. Poultry Health Sales Representative, Integrator, Integrating Farmer, Relating to Integration Farming, Member of Self-Help Group whose directly engaged in Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier, Seller, Reject Gunny Bag Seller, Poultry Manure Seller Poultry Journalist, Packing Materials Supplier all type of poultry connected people. In the State of West-Bengal.

Registration Certificate of Federation

Notification for Formation of Federation ( Government G.O )

Centrally sponsored Scheme by Govt. of India, Ministry of Agriculture
(Regarding Poultry page 29 & 102)

Newly launch 20000 “Hybrid Layer (chicken) Units” of Sub-component “Poultry Venture Capital Fund (PVCF-EDEG)” under the Centrally Sponsored scheme “National Live Stock Mission”

Project report for commercial broiler & layer farming

Bird flu free country – declare by Govt.of India
,Ministry of Agriculture.